Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finally Home!

My mom is home now finally!! yay!! thank you all for all of the beautiful flowers! they are all wonderful....we have been getting many offers for dinners for us, and Lori Madden has volunteered to take care of scheduling that for us, so if you are interested please call her (Lori Madden) @ 768-1177.....thank you for all of the excellent mom is doing good....thanks!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


my mom is on solid foods now!!! i have been spending the nights with her on a silly couch, all of her tubes have been removed....she is walking a lot, and eating regular foods again, and she has been in the computer, i figured out what was wrong with the comments things so hopefully it should work now.....thanks all.....All is well....

Monday, August 27, 2007

From the beginging...

Last tuesday my mom had an ultra sound done on her lower abdomen where they noticed a "mass"....We spent that evening in the ER at dominican, where she had a CAT scan and blood work, they couldn't determine what the mass was but they noticed that it was causing pressure on her kidneys. This was the reason for surgery friday morning, to relieve the pressure of the kidneys....6 1/2 hours later the doctor came out to inform us that it was cancer and they didn't know what kind, but that they had successfully removed it all (there was a lot of it).....and now that we know that it is uteran cancer we can start our plan of attack, the outlook is positive and she is doing well.....


Jen's doctor came in just now with the very positive news re her condition. While it was Stage III uterine cancer, they feel confident that they got it all. In a month or so when Jen is healed from the surgery, they will begin chemotherapy to make sure any cancer cells that might be floating around after the surgery are wiped out. And then there should be a long healthy life ahead of her.

We are all feeling great relief and positive that all will be well.
Thank you for your continued supports and such....All is Well.....


August 27, 2007

Hello All!

My mom is doing great! She is in the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos, and hopefully will be coming home soon...please feel free to leave comments and messages for her, I will check them and tell her what everyone has said. She is walking and moving around now, we have been watching animal planet for the last day and a half now, there hasn't been any new news yet for us or anyone....when we get the news I will post it for everyone, if you have questions just post them and we will answer them......Thank you everyone for the support, and flowers, and gifts, and love, we really appreciate it all!