Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Plan in Gammo's words...

Hi all, Jennifer had a great visit with oncologist Dr. Alexander this morning and the plan is this: she's to get a CAT scan sometime soon and blood work and then report back to Dr. Alexander. He is going to consult with Dr. Lilya (the surgeon) about hormone therapy options but he feels at this point they will proceed with chemo once every three weeks for 6 sessions and then see where they are. The main side effect will be hair loss. Nausea will be eliminated with a shot of some other new medicine. Starting date for this will be soon but not exact yet.

And she should resume immediately everything that she wants to do. Exercise is an excellent idea altho Jen pointed out to one of the doctors that when she and her friend Sheri started a walking routine several months ago, Sheri ruined her feet and Jen got cancer - so perhaps they want to rethink the walking thing. Maybe swimming.

Grace has decided we will all sport Paris Hilton wigs for the duration - not just Jen - altho I don't think Peter and Matthew will be up for that.

I am continuing to hold Jennifer in my heart as being in perfect health. And every one of you and your support are sustaining all of us and speeding Jennifer to a full recovery. I am so grateful.

With love, Jane

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Plan

Here is the plan. In the next my mom will have some more blood work done, another CAT scan, and some various other tests....then but she will start Chemo...just the regular chemo stuff..6 sessions every 3 weeks for a total of 18 weeks...her hair is expected to fall for those of you that wanna, go ahead a shave those noggins! haha! just kidding, but matty will be shaving his head, and probably my dad as of right now all looks good and well and there ya go!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Staples Out

Nothing much is new mom is doing awesome, they took her staples out yesterday.....pretty snazzy.....thank you all once more for everything!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just Hangin out...

Nini is here today visiting which is a lot of fun, we are all hanging out, my mom is still doing awesome, her staples are to be removed next this coming friday, and there is going to be a meeting with the doctor on wed. for a check up and to start the attack plan...we have been eating lots of great food, thank you all for that, and for lori for setting up our meals for us, and for the continuous flowers, they are all lovely.....thanks so much.