Friday, October 19, 2007

First Chemo Down!

Jen had Chemo #1 out of 6 on Wednesday and as promised, was on a steroid high for two days and was able to enjoy the Homecoming Parade in Aptos, Matthew being one of the Kings on the Homecoming Court. Here he is with Hannah Grantz looking fine in the Thunderbird! (Thanks for driving, Lori Hoover!)

Here is Jen in the process of getting well:

The nurses in the Chemo room at the Doctor's Office were terrific, positive, nice, helpful, smiley and full of candy. One of the nurses is a cancer survivor herself, so you know what she's talking about comes from experience. Many visitors came by including Barbara Thompson, Grace Callahan, Peter Callahan (who made the room laugh with a few funny stories) and cancer secretary, Julia (Nini) Frey. There is a lot of commaradarie in the chemo room as some patients come in for just a short treatment and others stay for hours. All seem in good spirits and are happy to help you with anything you need, like, where are the good drinks (the sodas and waters and juices in the mini fridge) and what's normal on all the equipment.

As predicted, Friday morning, Jennifer awoke with aches and pains and some fatigue -- again, all normal, though quite annoying. She was not going to miss Matthew doing his Senoir Homecoming Skit. Matthew rocked the house!

Chemo treatment #2 is November 7.

Jen says thanks for all the positive messages and prayers, she loves them. Keep them coming! Jen is very grateful for all the support she has in her life. Keep it coming and please feel free to comment on this site as much as you like. Emails are always welcome too!

More soon...