Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jen's Final Chemo is Done! Hooray!

The day went as usual with the kind nurses and other super nice patients. When Jen was done, the nurses gave her a certificate of completion with nice personal notes from them both. I, of course, had to cry (that's my job in this family) because I was so glad it was all over. And all I ever did was just sit there!

There are a couple more pictures, but the internet and Blogger are slowing me down...they'll get put up later.

So even though Jen's chemo is done, don't stop sending happy thoughts and good wishes her way, they are always always welcome.

More to come!


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Sarah said...

Oh my GOD this is such great news!! I'm just thrilled you're through with this treatment and that you've been feeling so good throughout. I have been sending healthy thoughts your way for months and now I am sending congratulations, too! WHEW!!!!!

Really, it's so exciting that you've come through this so well. I'm so happy for you!